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About Me

This is what I do.

Who am i?

well i’m to lazy to describe myself, please refer to your search engine. :) Ok let me try to describe myself.

Mahyuddin Susanto aka udienz is a system and network administrator since 2007 also known as Ubuntu Developer. I was operating many servers with different services just like web servers, ftp servers, storage servers mail servers, etc. I’m working at Wowrack as linux system administrator


  1. Mail server

    spamassassin, postfix, DKIM, OpenDMARF, etc

    • DKIM key
    • barracuda
  2. Database
    • MySQL

      clustering, replication, etc

  3. Webservers

    Load Balancer, proxy, etc

  4. Webhosting

    cpanel, ispconfig, etc

  5. Networking

    OSPF, BGP, WAN, Cisco, Catalyst, Vyatta, Quagga, Mikrotik

  6. Cloud

    Openstack, proxmox, Cloudstack

  7. Puppet, ansible
  8. And other sysadmin boring stuff…

Specialties: Network Management, Networking, Linux Server, Linux Based Networking, Organization, Security, Cisco, Vyatta, Mikrotik, Monitoring




  1. Debian QA:
  2. Ubuntu at Launchpad
  3. GPGKey